Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Last winter
a group of got together
at a local coffee shop
twice a month to discuss topics
regional and federal politics
as well as eduction
children etc
We've had as few as 3 
and as many as 20

We now call ourselves
Community Open Forum
A few months ago
one of our members saw that we
all were having difficulties 
understanding the multiple
issues that were presented
to us to vote on in Nov 

So a group from the group came together
to have a town hall mtg
with all sides of the issues

So last night
all the interest partied
got together with the citizens
to present

The school board presented their 
side of the renewal levy

The health district presented

The crowds listened

The Firemen Union presented why
 they need minimum manning

The Firefighters PAC also 
told their side of minimum manning

A concern citizen against
the city levy increase

The city managers presented why
we should vote 
for the 1/2 percent income tax levy

One councilman gave his point of view

Because the councilman called the 
“selfserving, selfish, arrogant bunch of people.”

they turned their backs in protest

Another City councilman
 got up to say that the other
councilman was speaking for himself

It was an interesting evening
for the most it was civil

I am so proud of what
 our small group of people
accomplished last night.
We were told no one would show up
last night the head count was 96
Our hope is that when
people go to the polls that they
are informed

“Never doubt that a small 
group of committed people
 can change the world.
 Indeed, it is the only
 thing that ever has.” 
-Margaret Mead......

Well tonight might not have been
 the world but its our small part.....


  1. Oh my- I'd say that councilman better hope his house never burns or he never needs EMS. What a selfish idiot!! Wonderful how informative a good ol' town meeting can be. And even better is how many people actually DO care!