Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tippin' It

On Saturday we went to 
Tipp City for their

Antiques and Artisans Day

There were 60 vendors
up and down Main St

The old hotel has been converted 
into shops
what were hotel rooms
are now individual "shops:

The Staircase that leads to the 
two upper floors

Outside the rooms
there are shop signs

One "shop"

There were a few really nice
cafe/restaurant to chose from
We chose 

I got the 
Harvest Salad

"A colorful harvest of rows of 
red beets, grilled yellow squash
crisp green beans, seasoned sweet corn
salted sunflower seeds and feta cheese
lime and corn tortilla
 encrusted chicken chunks"

My hsb got
All in one

"Like being at a football game
smoked sausage with onion and peppers
on a grilled pretzel bun

I will highlight
some of the shops
(and show you what I bought)
 in my next post


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