Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teen Journal

I have a couple of nieces
that are having birthdays soon
I found these booklets 
at Michael's for $2

They really didn't fit the young ladies style
They easily came apart

The ribbon
holds the pages in

I just untied them
and took the pages out

The pages

The top did have
 some chipboard
 I took off with 
an exacto knife
for future use

I also lightly sanded 
the top for the glue

I just cut the paper to the 
journal size
and glued it on with
uhu glue

Since this is a gift
I'm not showing the name

Some of the areas 
are painted
so they are raised

Inside cover
I made pockets out of leftover papers

 I used my Cricut
 to make the shapes

I used Glossy Accents
to make the petals raised

What it Says
just a little book
for you to keep your
or just some doodles

Inside back cover

What you can't see well is
the 16 is raised 


I'm still trying to decide
 if I want to put ribbons
on the tags
What do you think?

I am still working on the 2nd one

Keeping It Simple


  1. Hi Jo!

    Your niece will love this....heck I would love it! :o)

    I would add ribbon.

  2. Jo this is so cute! I think any teen would be thrilled to have a custom made journal.

  3. What a great idea, your so crafty. Ribbon would look really cute, and make a nice accessory on the booklet.

    =) kudos!

  4. What a great makeover to suit your niece's tase. I love the extra effort you went to, to add glossy accents to some of the shapes. That's always a special touch! Since you already have added dimension with the glossy accents, you might want to skip the ribbons on the tags. That will add bulk and make it harder to write in the journal, just something to consider:) I learned from experience that bulky accents can look super cute but sometimes impact the usefulness.

  5. That is so cute!!!!
    What a great idea. There isn't anyone that wouldn't love writing in that.
    Thanks for the great idea!

  6. That's a fun project. Would have never know what they started as if you hadn't shown it.

  7. Awesome! I love the scull and cross bones. Thanks for the cute project idea.

  8. Ok, your header is hilarious!

    hat a great metamorphosis! Well done.

    I am having a Linky party with prizes this Wednesday. Details are on my blog today.
    I hope you'll join in on the fun.

  9. Forgot to say I'm featuring this tomorrow.